The Spiritual Fallout of the Lockdown

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The Spiritual Fallout of the Lockdown

May 19, 2020

A few days ago Tucker Carlson of Fox News opened his show with a monologue comparing the “free states” with the “lockdown states”. It was a thinly-veiled reference to the free state/slave state division in American history that led to the Civil War. (The header picture is the 1861 US map of a divided country.)

And he was right. Tyrannical governors and local tin-god potentates have, in more than a metaphorical sense, enslaved whole societies by their fanatical need to increase their own political power over Americans.

Who would have ever thought American life would come to this?

The Tyranny is Real

This current enslavement is real. It takes the form of coercive executive orders, threats of arrest, and bureaucratic “punishments” for those who dare defy the ruler. The heinous aspect of this enslavement is that it targets law-abiding citizens, not evildoers.

There is something truly diabolical about giving American taxpayer dollars to illegal aliens and releasing criminals back into the general population while American citizens are shut down, out of work, forced into bizarre social distancing behaviors, and vulnerable to all kinds of evils.

The very picture of “vulnerability” is the elderly person languishing in a nursing home that left-wing governors in several states have not only failed to protect but actively caused to perish by their policies.

Whenever you see state-sponsored measures that run 180-degrees opposite to reasonable or healthy responses to human problems, you can be assured that something diabolical is going on.

The Progression of Deceit

Remember when the objective of the lockdown was just to “flatten the curve” of the virus? In some cases, that was the justification for a semi-permanent lockdown of whole societies by the whim of a dictator who wanted to wait for a “cure” for the Coronavirus – something we haven’t even been able to achieve for the common cold.

So we went from “flatten the curve” to “wait for the cure” to “stay locked down because I said so” in the space of two months.

The tragic downward progression of such rhetoric also applies to anyone who dissents from the tyrant. First dissenters were just disrespectful, then they were “flouting the law” and “disobedient”, then they became “resistors”, and now they are “criminals” who need to be fined, arrested, and jailed with draconian punishments for daring to defy the despot.

Wanting to feed your family and run your failing business is now a crime in some states. If you watched the situation of the hair salon owner in Texas a few weeks ago, you saw an out-of-control leftist judge demand that the woman apologize for being selfish because she was not immediately cow-towing to his orders.

This is enslavement.

And this is a spiritual problem.

A Spiritual Solution is Necessary

Tucker Carlson doesn’t present the free state/slave state division in America as the spiritual fallout of the lockdown, but I do, and I see it as one of many indicators that America is in spiritual chaos.

A spiritual problem can only be solved with a spiritual solution.

We need to pray fervently for President Trump and the reform agenda that he and his administration are bringing to our country. No one pretends that we should restore America to an older, better era. America marches through history as a unique nation that has a gift to offer the world in every day and age, and our gift today, our modern society has some other mission than America of the past.

What we must do, however, is purify our nation of the spiritual evil that is upon us. We cannot survive as a people with so much chaos and destruction of our fundamental institutions of law and justice. Americans need to get on their knees in prayer and then to stand up once again and put on their spiritual armor.

Join Us!

The very least we can do is to pray One Our Father a day for our President and this nation. Only God can turn things around, but God always depends on our cooperation!

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