The Penitential Aspect of This Shutdown

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The Penitential Aspect of This Shutdown

April 27, 2020

When historians look back on the great 2020 Coronavirus shutdown, they will identify the source of it as a Communist regime that lied and manipulated the entire world to a catastrophic effect. They will analyze the malfeasance of the leftist media and politicians who took every advantage of immense human suffering to impose their heinous socialist agendas on us. They will look at the treatments and mitigation measures, and the death and infection rates, etc. But one thing they will not be able to analyze is the penitential aspect of this shutdown.

We must all do that in our own lives. And we must all offer our respective sufferings in union with the Cross of Christ for the redemption of America. St. Paul said that we can “fill up what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ” (Colossians 1:24). He meant not that Christ’s sacrifice lacked anything but that we can participate in it through the offering of our suffering.

The same wickedness that has brought this evil upon millions can itself be mitigated by the prayers and offerings of the faithful who suffer with Christ in the spirit of penance for the sins that have brought our world to the brink of disaster.

Death and Sickness

Top on the list of penances are all those who have died and been infected by the virus. This suffering is tangible and in many cases catastrophic. The grieving families have so much to offer as do we when we stand in solidarity with them. I can’t count the many prayer requests I’ve received even through social media, and I pray for every one of them every time someone expresses a need. It is our duty to pray for one another.

Heroic Responses

The heroic responders in the medical profession and those who have been frantically working so that our economic system does not collapse have paid a heavy price to keep the social order intact for the rest of us. We thank them and bless their enormous sacrifices for individuals suffering from the disease and for our society as a whole.

Business Failures

There are many who are suffering immensely because they have lost or will soon lose their businesses because of the prolonged shutdown of the world’s greatest economy. The ripple effects of this economic degradation will endure far into the future, and many more people will lose their livelihoods. Neighbors are standing with neighbors and helping to mitigate the suffering, but small business owners and entrepreneurs of all stripes have much to offer in union with the sacrifice of Christ on Calvary.

Massive Disruption and Inconvenience

The rest of us, who may or may not have lost our livelihoods, are all suffering enormous disruption and inconvenience in more ways than we can count. The parents who have found themselves involuntarily thrust into a homeschooling role, the workers who are sitting on the sidelines waiting to go back to work, the families whose internal problems have been exacerbated by present circumstances – all have something to offer.

The Shutdown of the Churches

Above all, those of us who are deeply religious suffer from the loss of our tangible worship practices and the closing of our churches by the decrees of governments who have deemed religious services “non-essential” while they leave abortion clinics open to do their dirty business. There is something fundamentally diabolical about decisions like these, and, when added to police persecution of decent people gathering in their cars for some remote participation in a religious service, we have a growing tyranny that perfectly symbolizes the spiritual sickness of our nation.

Time to Pray

If there was ever a time to get down on our knees and ask God to receive our prayers and sufferings for our country, it is now. A spiritual illness requires a spiritual remedy. Any form of spiritual evil needs a spiritual weapon to combat it: prayer.

Please join our efforts to support our longsuffering President and his many efforts to reform our country from all these evils. Join with us in praying One Our Father a day for his protection and support and also that all these efforts to turn back the evil tide of degradation will result in a renewed America once this pandemic is history.

We can’t do it without millions of people praying!

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