The Huckabee Prophecy

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The Huckabee Prophecy

May 5, 2020

One of the most astute observers of American politics today is Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas. He’s run a state; he’s run for President; he’s been a conservative commentator for years. He knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the deplorable state of our national life – which is why the Huckabee Prophecy has to be taken seriously.

A Prophetic Word

In one of his many appearance on network cable during the impeachment fiasco (hard to believe that was only a few months ago) he said something ominous:

“Mark my words – whatever they are doing to President Trump, they will do to you.”

Who knew how prescient the governor’s prophecy was at the time?

Growth of Extremism

In the impeachment context, “they” meant the extremists in the House of Representatives who were acting like a pack of hyenas on the prowl and then like a bunch of schoolchildren when they didn’t get their way. They had zero bi-partisan support for what they were doing and inflicted a significant negative experience on the whole country.

Now it’s become clear that the people who forced 300 million people to go through the impeachment disaster were the same people who left our country vulnerable to the Coronavirus when they should have been protecting us. They were too busy wasting our precious time and tax dollars on impeaching a president for no reason.

In the current crisis, the extremism of the radicals has only gotten worse, and the Huckabee Prophecy is coming true before our very eyes.

Very few prophecies get fulfilled so quickly!

Mark My Words

In addition to another whole series of impeachment-style committees set up by the House to investigate the Coronavirus response, here are a few examples of the prophecy as it’s been playing itself out in the last few weeks:

  • The shuttering of churches as non-essential while abortion clinics, liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries remain open as “essential” services;
  • Arresting mothers and fathers for playing with their kids in public parks and letting their children visit friends;
  • Radical executive orders forcing entire populations of states and towns to wear face masks;
  • Ticketing and targeting religious services while the attendees remain in perfect compliance with social distancing guidelines;
  • Shutting down public beaches, bulldozing children’s skate parks, punishing business owners who refuse to remain closed and threatening to arrest all non-compliant riff-raff;
  • Using Chinese-made drones for Big Brother-style surveillance and messaging;
  • Arresting peaceful Amish families at a picnic and observant Jews attending the funeral of a rabbi!

It’s hard to fathom the hatefulness of these and other punitive actions against our own people.

Governor Huckabee was right. They are – currently – doing to us what they have done to President Trump. If you don’t see that, or if you don’t have a problem with it, you’re simply part of the problem.

The Worst Part

The most shocking development of all this is the compliance of the police in punitive policy enforcement.

Aren’t we all surprised at how quickly the police have turned into goon squads for tyrannical majors and governors? If you’re not surprised and outraged at that, you should be.

The cops don’t seem to be able to make the distinction between laws passed by legislatures (their job to enforce them) and policies of tyrants, which they should stand against. When this lockdown is over, I predict that the good reputation of law enforcement officers will be one of the greatest casualties of the crisis.

Yes, of course, we’ve heard it all before. They’re “just doing their job” – and so were the Nazi prison guards. History didn’t let them make that excuse.

A Spiritual Problem

I’ve said many times that this social and political problem is really a spiritual problem at its base. We have betrayed our Judeo Christian values and continue to do so. We have let in a host of evils like abortion, homosexuality, rampant pornography, and child sex trafficking, with no righteous response as a nation to these evils.

These evils have long-term effects on a populace, and America is feeling those effects now. “Some demons are only driven out by prayer and fasting,” said Jesus.

There’s our mission.

Join Us!

The very least we can do is to pray One Our Father a day for our President and this nation. Only God can turn things around, but God always depends on our cooperation!

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