The Absence of the Eucharist Unleashes Chaos

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The Absence of the Eucharist Unleashes Chaos

May 30, 2020

“For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. But the one who restrains is to do so only for the present, until he is removed from the scene” (2 Thessalonians 2:7).

You don’t really know the value of invisible grace until you are deprived of it. Then you wake up and understand that grace operates both to give God’s life to your soul but also to protect you from evil.

Our Spiritual Deprivation

The obeisance of the bishops who have shuttered the churches of this nation for more than two months is one of the worst consequences of this COVID-19 crisis foisted upon us by Communist China and its allies. The devastation is immense.

The great restrainer of evil – the Most Holy Eucharist – has largely been “removed from the scene” all throughout this country and look what its absence has wrought: utter chaos.

Our spiritual deprivation has been the gain of the forces of lawlessness.

Deep Devastation

I’m not referring only to what is going on in Minneapolis at the moment. That’s chaos enough. Every decent person in America should shudder at both the lawless act of the cop who killed George Floyd as well as the criminal looters walking off with big screen TVs from Target and burning police stations.

But the chaos I am referring to goes much, much deeper:

  • Trillions of dollars we don’t have has been spent by a Congress almost totally unaccountable to principles of fiscal responsibility;
  • Abortion mills, liquor stores, tattoo parlors, etc. have been declared “essential” businesses while churches are completely shut down or barely “allowed” to open under draconian restrictions (including an utterly outrageous Supreme Court decision that effectively undermines the First Amendment);
  • Tin-pot political tyrants are punishing and arresting law-abiding citizens – as we speak – simply for wanting to feed their families and re-open their businesses;
  • Ultra-left-wing governors have been sending infected coronavirus patients into nursing homes and killing thousands of our most vulnerable citizens for no reason whatsoever.

And the list goes on.

Every time you see chaos, blatant trampling of rights, perversion of justice, targeting of the vulnerable, the unleashing of anarchy and disorder, tyrannical power grabs and abuse of power, you are witnessing unrestrained evil at play.

And evil seems to be working overtime in America these days.

One Bright Spot

Maybe the single bright light in the Minneapolis situation is its timing. The Archbishop of St. Paul-Minneapolis, Bernard Hebda, recently told Minnesota’s Governor Walz to take a hike and re-opened the churches along with the rest of the bishops in the state just in time for the great feast of Pentecost this weekend.

Some churchmen finally found a backbone – and the devil is enraged.

Hence, chaos in Minneapolis.

Think about that.

The Spiritual Crisis

“As the Catholic Church goes, so goes society” is an old saying that finds its reasoning in situations like we face in America today. It’s not a theoretical statement. It’s the fruit of experience.

Everywhere the Church weakens in its mission, or loses its authority, or conforms to the world, or takes the way of the coward…society as a whole loses.

I’ve said it many times before that America is in the midst of a spiritual crisis of the first order, and the only way we can meet the challenges of a spiritual crisis is with spiritual weapons: prayer, fasting, penance, almsgiving, charity, and more prayer.

Amidst all your personal responsibilities and challenges these days, don’t lost sight of the need to pray every day for our President and our country. Pray that the Spirit of Christ will re-enter our society with the massive outpouring of grace from a return to the Sacraments.

Above all, pray that the grace of the Eucharist, accompanied by the prayers of the faithful, will restrain all this evil once again.

Only God’s power can do it. And a little cooperation from us will help!

Join Us!

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