A Spiritual Solution to Our Problems

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A Spiritual Solution to Our Problems

March 28, 2018

Anyone whose eyes are open must realize the enormity of the danger we face in America today. It is a spiritual danger that requires a spiritual solution. The country is deeply divided along ideological and cultural lines, divisions which spill over into politics. Political viewpoints and activism then get projected into every facet of American life, and the vicious cycle continues.

The more frightening aspect of this cultural/political division is the damage that it does to the most extraordinary system of government ever created by man. Ours is a government based on a single written Constitution and therefore governed by the rule of law. Yet the Constitution is continually being shredded by the leftist elements in the national debate who refuse to accept the inherent restrictions that the Constitution places on political malfeasance, cronyism, and corruption. We now have two systems of law: one for leftists in positions of power and the other for the rest of us.

Honest people continue to ask themselves: What can we do to stop this? Why can’t the criminals at the top of the food chain – those who are guilty of the most obvious crimes against our rule of law – be brought to justice?

There is only one answer to these questions. We are not praying enough.

The position of the One Our Father campaign is clear: the blockages to real justice in our country are spiritual in nature rather than political. They are the cumulative result of years of godless corruption and they don’t get expelled from such a complex system of government through human means alone. Everything human tends toward corruption. Everything divine tends toward renewal.

Now is not the time to lament the corruption of men. It is the time to get back on our knees and ask God to renew our nation.It is time to ask for a spiritual solution to the problems that face us or as has been noted before on this blog, it is time to unleash the spiritual power of God to heal our nation. We can do that by simply praying for our President and for America – as a regular commitment. Prayer is the only force that can bring this about, and we need to maintain a strength of prayer every day in order to attain the spiritual renewal that we seek.

Pray, pray, pray! Offer One Our Father every day for President Trump and his reform agenda for America. Have confidence in prayer. God will answer every prayer, but we need to continue to pray and get more people involved in praying. Our hope is assured, as long as our prayer is just as firm!