Pray for Protection Against Powerful Lies

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Pray for Protection Against Powerful Lies

June 24, 2020

All lies are seductive. That seems to be more apparent every day as crowds gather to tear down American heritage statues with impunity; as white people kneel to kiss the feet of black people that neither they nor their ancestors ever offended; and as Hollywood goes back to its old, bad habit of blacklisting those who don’t tow the party line.

In saner times, we would shrug this off and say that it’s just a bunch of crazy people acting badly – that it is, but it’s more.

We are witnessing the foul play of the wicked spirits of deception and division that have been unleashed in our country.

And they are powerful.

We Need Protection

What’s going on in America right now not only has social and political consequences, but it also have spiritual consequences. It is a spiritual evil that sucks everything into it like a vortex.

We could easily get seduced by evil and lies if we are not guided by the Truth. The Truth is a Person, Jesus Christ, who can neither deceive nor be deceived.

The average decent American is not out violently protesting, joining defamation movements, smashing statues and stirring up hatred for the country that gave us everything we have and cherish.

Real Americans don’t do that. Real Americans are working (or trying to get back to work) and raising families. These are vital, peaceful and productive activities that give life to our society rather than tear it down.

But for the sake of our own souls, we need to pray for protection from the evil spirits that have been unleashed on our country like a Pandora’s Box opened all at once.

The Perpetrators

The primary blame for filling our culture and our world with lies goes to the wicked and spiritually corrupt broadcast and entertainment media who are nothing less than professional liars. They live to lie. To paraphrase Jesus’ comment in the Gospel of John about the devil: when they speak, lies are their native language.

The leftist educational establishment teaches lies, the leftist political establishment makes policy based on lies, and the leftist activists in the streets commit violence for the sake of their deeply-cherished lies.

It’s not possible to avoid the misinformation and deceptive agendas of dishonest people in our public life any more. The lie has reached the point of saturation now that it’s no longer possible to sort out truth from lies.

It is only possible – and in fact, imperative – that we live in the Truth.

The Truth Sets Us Free

Right now, we need to go back to the Scripture and rededicate ourselves to the Truth of Christ.

To our kids and to the young in general we need to teach the truth about our nation’s heritage as well as about the profound evils of our day. We need to teach them why rioting, defaming police, destroying statues and slandering innocent Americans who just disagree with you are plain wrong.

Furthermore, we need to make it clear to them that the lawless ones do that to statues and property can – and will – do it to us whenever we get on the wrong side of their violent hatred.

We need to be more devoted to the Truth of Jesus Christ than ever before because only the Truth sets us free. Only the Truth counters the great lies of our age.

And prayer is the spiritual force that will hold these evils at bay.

Keep praying!

Join Us!

Pray every day.

The very least we can do is to pray One Our Father a day for our President, Donald J. Trump, and for those in his administration and in the public forum who are trying to be a force for good in our society and reform the evils that have grown so strong

Pray for this nation. Only God can turn things around, but God always depends on our cooperation!

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