It Really Is This Bad in America

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It Really Is This Bad in America

January 20, 2020


As the impeachment trial in the Senate looms, one shudders at the thought of personally going through what is being forced upon the President of the United States right now.

The undiluted hatred of the left in America is really this bad: an attempted coup d’etat by the leftist intelligence community; discarding the rule of law for partisan purposes; covering-up their own serious crimes; displaying utter contempt for justice through their Machiavellian power plays; and using the levers of power to destroy anyone who stands against their totalitarian agenda.

And no one seems able to stop them.

Good vs. Evil

Leftist hatred of all that is good is the real darkness in the American soul. These are the same forces that have brought us abortion on demand, gay marriage, and the rampant destruction of our families and communities for several generations.

I’ve said it often: what they are doing to the President, these same people will not hesitate to do to us if we should ever be in a position of to oppose them overtly.

Our country is going through an epic struggle of good vs. evil right now, and we are all a part of it. Each of us must be fully on the side of Christ’s light and truth, or all will be lost.

Prayer, Prayer, Prayer

The essence of this problem is spiritual, not political. Movements such as the so-called “abortion rights” onslaught are not human in origin. Human beings don’t just wake up one day and decide that killing babies is a good thing. Gay “pride” culture is a creation of a darker force that literally rebelled from God through the sin of Pride at the beginning of time.

The widespread abandonment of traditional morality and faith practice in the last fifty years has left an emptiness in the American soul that has been filled by evils of this type.

Nature abhors a vacuum. So does spiritual nature.

A Spiritual Solution

All of this is to say that a spiritual problem needs a spiritual solution. We need to be praying about America’s future. And we need to be praying every day and in everything we do. This is no time for the indolent.

Yes, get politically and socially active in any way you feel called to in an election year. Yes, do everything in your power to positively influence the people around you, especially the youth, with values of faith and patriotism. But don’t neglect prayer.

It is the antidote to the evils of a culture that has gotten more spiritually degraded than America has ever seen. God’s power can do more than we can do individually or even collectively.

Join the Prayer Campaign

It’s not just about winning elections. It’s about winning hearts. And it is up to us to make sure that we are part of the great American restoration.

Please join the One Our Father prayer campaign simply by signing up for our newsletter. We’ll send you twenty free prayer cards of the Lord’s Prayer to hand out as reminders to others that prayer is our number one priority now.

I’d love to hear from anyone are planning on attending a Trump rally in the near future. We have quantities of prayer cards to give out!