The Huckabee Prophecy


One of the most astute observers of American politics today is Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas. He’s run a state; he’s run for President; he’s been a conservative commentator for years. He knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the deplorable state of our national life – which is why the Huckabee [...]

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Pray Against the Spirit of Fear


Now that we are discovering the massive errors in Coronavirus death projections by the academic and government communities, we have reason to believe that we’re all being scammed by the managers of the crisis. Some say “prudence is the better part of valor” in dealing with a crisis, and generally that’s true, except when valor [...]

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An Easter Prayer for Our Nation


Heavenly Father, guide us and protect us as a nation through this time of testing. We are a people that loves your holy Name, and we wish to recover from the devastation of a deadly disease and make our nation once again the “shining city on a hill” for the rest of the world to [...]

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America’s Got a Schizophrenia Problem


An outside observer of American culture and politics these days would come to only one conclusion about our public life: America is schizophrenic. We are not just a diverse and divided nation (what nation isn’t?) America is an internally wounded nation whose divisions threaten to “decompensate” our union. At least that’s how psychologists talk about [...]

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Whence Comes All This Hatred?


President Trump has to be the most patient man in America. How can any one person stand before his mortal enemies day after day, putting up with all their undiluted vitriol, enduring wave after wave of unending biased criticism, fielding one “gotcha” question after another by people who have gone literally insane with rage? The [...]

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Even The Pope Is On Board With the One Our Father Prayer Program!


~~Attention all One Our Father Prayer Warriors~~ Well, it looks like the Pope himself has joined our program! The Vicar of Christ, whose duty is to “strengthen the brethren” (Luke 22:32) of Christ, has called for all Christians around the world to pray One Our Father at Noon on March 25th, the Feast of the [...]

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The Deadly Pelosi Abortion Virus


While the whole world is cowering in their homes in fear of a deadly virus and Western society is shutting down, we can’t help but notice that the abortion clinics of our nation don’t seem to be hurting for business. That form of death is tolerated by our culture at large and marches forward unabated. [...]

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Is the Coronavirus Actually a Spiritual Crisis?


When the pope cancels masses in response to the Coronavirus but the President of the United States announces a national day of prayer, you have to wonder just what is going on. This kind of disorientation is characteristic of a spiritual crisis. While no one denies that the Coronavirus is a natural phenomenon that must [...]

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God is Mocking the Party of Death


The national farce known as the Democrat primary season is in full swing, and as it continues I’m convinced more than ever that God is mocking the Party of Death. And they so richly deserve it. No Kidding I’m not being cynical here. There is actually a precedent for God’s sarcasm. King David says in [...]

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