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One Our Father Prayer Campaign

We are an organization that is encouraging all Christians in America to pray “One Our Father” a day for President Trump and his administration’s reform agenda for America. Any Christian can join this prayer campaign regardless of his or her particular church or denomination. We seek only to capitalize on the good will and spiritual interest of the people who elected Trump in order to provide an ongoing spiritual component to the political revolution that was the 2016 election. We believe that PRAYER gave us Donald Trump as a reform candidate. We also believe that he cannot be successful without a mighty force of prayer behind him. We are encouraging all Christians to unite as one in offering protective prayer cover for the President and his team against the satanic forces arrayed against them.


One Our Father a Day

Prayer Campaign

The “One Our Father” movement is designed to recruit millions of Americans to pray one Our Father a day for America, for President Trump, Vice President Pence and for their Administration’s reform agenda. Nothing could be simpler – and nothing could me more powerful than the united force of prayer. The title, One Our Father, crystalizes the intent of the prayer campaign. It’s all about

  • The increase of prayer support for our country, our President and his Administration
  • The unity of all Christians who join the campaign, and
  • The spiritual force that comes from concerted, united prayer

President Trump needs and deserves our prayer. He is under immense spiritual attack and the forces of darkness are not resting in their desire to destroy everything we hold dear. It appears that America and our President will be under this kind of spiritual siege for the duration of the Trump presidency.

We won’t let the satanic forces of deceit and dissolution win.

What You Can Do

There’s no time like the present to pray – start now!

You – brother or sister in Christ – pray one Our Father a day:

  • for America
  • for President Trump and his Administration, and
  • for the reform of our great country.

And pray with great trust in God’s power to save:

If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him! (Lk 11:13, NIV)

As you pray, make sure you include in your intentions all those who seek to harm America, all the forces of lawlessness that seem to be unleashed on our society like a Pandora’s box of evil, and your own personal and family needs.

Then – spread the word!

There are numerous effective ways to increase the prayer and keep it going:

  • use social media and get the word out to your friends and associates
  • send the website and video links out to your email list
  • order prayer cards and the simple brochure to distribute to friends, family members, groups, associations, and conferences
  • ask your church to make literature and prayer cards available to its members
  • get Christian organizations to endorse the campaign and spread the word.

United we stand in the one great prayer of our faith!

Our Heavenly Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit will certainly bless our efforts and bring to fruition the peaceful revolution that was begun in the 2016 election.