A Call to Prayer

//A Call to Prayer

A Call to Prayer

June 8, 2020

Every day of our lives but especially every day of 2020, we must remind ourselves that prayer is the only solution to the deep problems plaguing our society.

We must pray, now and always, for our country, which is so beloved of God.

We must pray for the perpetrators of heinous evils like abortion and human trafficking who are wiping out the institution of the family that holds our social fabric together.

We must pray for those who work for the destruction of innocence in our youth through atrocious indoctrination in all manner of aberrant behaviors and values through the schools and social media and celebrity culture. It is profoundly corrupted but also a powerful force over the minds and attitudes of the younger generations.

We must pray for the enemies of all that is good in America who are currently rioting and for those who are making that rioting possible – these latter bear the greater share of blame.

Above all, we must pray for President Trump and all in his administration who are implementing the needed reform measures to bring our country back from the power of the leftist ideologues whose goal is to “steal and slaughter and destroy” like the thieves and marauders that Jesus describes in the Gospel of John (John 10:10).

We must pray that our country be protected from the great and powerful evils that have a firm grip on the Washington establishment.

America has been on spiritual lockdown for over two months, and we are now feeling the effects of all the evil that has been unleashed while the churches have been closed and true believers are not able to access public worship.

In a time of spiritual crisis we turn to spiritual means to address the problems. Prayer, fasting, almsgiving and charity. All of these things our Lord taught us and they all remain valid ways to live our lives to this day!

Let us get on our knees, today and every day, and beg God to bless America once again with peace and justice.

Please Join Us!

Join us in our efforts to pray One Our Father a day for our President and this nation. Only God can turn things around, but God always depends on our cooperation!

The One Our Father prayer campaign is a non-profit effort to get more people on their knees. We thrive when people pray and sign up for our newsletter. We’ll send you twenty free prayer cards of the Lord’s Prayer to hand out as reminders to others that prayer is our number one priority now.