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Pray Against the Spirit of Fear


Now that we are discovering the massive errors in Coronavirus death projections by the academic and government communities, we have reason to believe that we’re all being scammed by the managers of the crisis. Some say “prudence is the better part of valor” in dealing with a crisis, and generally that’s true, except when valor [...]

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An Easter Prayer for Our Nation


Heavenly Father, guide us and protect us as a nation through this time of testing. We are a people that loves your holy Name, and we wish to recover from the devastation of a deadly disease and make our nation once again the “shining city on a hill” for the rest of the world to [...]

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America’s Got a Schizophrenia Problem


An outside observer of American culture and politics these days would come to only one conclusion about our public life: America is schizophrenic. We are not just a diverse and divided nation (what nation isn’t?) America is an internally wounded nation whose divisions threaten to “decompensate” our union. At least that’s how psychologists talk about [...]

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